The Programme is designed for personal development and self-defence

The Programme improves potential of your BODY, BRAIN and MIND

The goal of MAKHAI is not to prepare you for a sport fight in the ring, but to prepare you to walk through life safely with courage and let you achieve your desired goals

Practicing regularly MAKHAI you feel the benefits in your everyday life

You are brave, faster, fitter, mentally and physically stronger

You can go through life and never fight – and that’s what I wish for you. However, when it happens that you need to protect yourself or your loved ones from a threat, you will do it quickly, effectively and without hesitation.

Each MAKHAI session includes 4 types of training

Mental training – controlling emotions, controlling fear, focusing on the goal and task

Physical training – strength, fitness, endurance, energy management, sensory improvement

Technical training – Dzievan Street Jitsu – the mix of the most effective combinations in distance, close and ground combat

Tactical training – camouflage, surprise, dexterity, use of conditions and space

My Body My Shield – The meaning

All your potential is hidden behind the SHIELD of your body. The Shield covers up all necessary weapon you have developed during mastering of your MAKHAI trainings

The invisible weapon behind the shield…

The Programme gradually develops your fighting skills with the whole body for use in real combat, in all situations and conditions

The stages of development of the MAKHAI Warrior

1. Beginner

2. Advanced

3. Adept

4. High Adept

5. Master