Via Lightness Goal: Workshops

Learn about how to achieve your desired body weight by implementing a healthy lifestyle and making your body look good, gain health, fitness, and strength.

THE SKILLS YOU GAIN: Healthy Lifestyle, Mindful Body Care, Healthy Weight, Mindful Eating, Enjoying Tasty Food, Gaining Strength, Fitness, Strong Will, Life Management, Avoiding Problems

Who are the workshops for:

>>> Workshops are intended for people who have gathered too many kilograms in their lives, feel too heavy and it interferes with their everyday functioning

>>> Workshops are for people who have lost physical fitness due to being overweight and find it more difficult to perform many ordinary activities

>>> Workshops are intended for people who have mobility problems due to being overweight. Fast walking, running, or jumping is hard or impossible for them

>>> Workshops are intended for people who have health problems due to being overweight and want to return to fitness and normal functioning

>>> Workshops are intended for people who have never had or have lost the ability to correct nutrition, which led them to become overweight

>>> Workshops are intended for people who, due to being overweight, have too large body dimensions. They want to improve their figure, become lighter, smaller, fitter, and dress in more fitting clothes in a smaller size.

>>> Workshops are intended for people who want to learn how to live anew. Enjoy a lifestyle where food brings joy and pleasure and proper movement ensures health and strength

>>> Workshops are for people who value a natural way of life. Both, the nutrition system and exercise system are completely based on the natural approach of daily living. Nutrition is based on conscious choosing ingredients to prepare tasty and healthy meals avoiding any artificial supplements. The exercise system is based on functional training using own body mass or muscle resistance by using items from the surroundings

>>> Workshops are for people who value the approach of ”saving the planet”. Gaining knowledge of conscious nutrition allows one to use food more wisely, avoiding wastage and respecting any energy and human work required for production

>>> Knowing the system of performing VIA SET allows for saving time and money as well as the planet by reducing the amount of exhaust, and energy and avoiding buying unnecessary training equipment.

To summarize, following the rules of the VIA  Programme makes the lives of Workshops participants enter a completely new realm. This is a one-direction way leading to conscious happy and long-lasting life full of excitement, adventure, and fulfillment.


  • You should have a good internet connection
  • Online Workshops are provided on the Zoom platform. Install Zoom on your computer or give one-off access by using the link sent in an email confirming your partaking in Workshops
  • Theoretical parts of Workshops require sitting before a computer screen. Make sure you have a comfortable seat for yourself
  • It is best for you to create conditions for yourself to see me easily and be able to imitate my moves according to orders in every practical part of Workshops
  • If that is possible try to create conditions to be able easily and clearly show your whole person in the camera including your fully stretched hands
  • Workshops take a few hours. Make sure you have enough water or other drinks for yourself
  • Before the Workshops have your meal rather not too big to allow yourself to perform all exercises with comfort
  • Wear for Workshops comfortable sportswear or other clothes which allow you to perform easily physical exercises
  • Prepare sandwiches for a common meal to practice ”The Way The Food Is Eaten” and a piece of cake or other sweets like chocolate to practice the ”Golden 4 method”.

The main subjects which will be realized during Workshops:

1. Your Goal – First of all, Workshop participants learn how to understand and perceive the Goal in order to be able to fully achieve it

  • 1.1 Setting a goal on the map of life
  • 1.2 The Way to the Goal
  • 1.3  Goal Visibility
  • 1.4  Brain, Mind, and Body on the Way to the Goal
  • 1.5  Clear vision of the target, getting lost, obstacles, and returning to the right course

2. Awareness of your success- 100% certainty- At this point, Participants will learn about the proof of achieving the Goal and what it means on the way to the Goal. They learn the basic method of approaching the Goal and the relationship between the distance traveled and the time to achieve the Goal.

  • 2.1 “Proof of our success”
  • 2.2 The method of small steps
  • 2.3 Time to reach the Goal – why we don’t have to worry about it
  • 2.4 Assumption “health first” vs. time to achieve the Goal
  • 2.5 Modified method of small steps
  • 2.6 Your Goal, Your New Lifestyle Vs. “I’ll get slim for the Summer”

3. How it works – Participants of the Workshops will learn the general principles and mechanisms of achieving the Goal of Lightness and receive important tips and advice to achieve their Goal.

  • 3.1  To achieve the Goal, we act in accordance with our Nutrition and Activity Plan – Familiarization with the Plan
  • 3.2  The Four Pillars of the Nutrition Plan – Frequency, Quantity, Quality, The Way The Food Is Eaten
  • 3.3  The Two Pillars of the Activity Plan – VIA SET, Physical and Mental Activities
  • 3.4  What do you need to understand to start creating your own Nutrition and Activity Plan?
  • 3.5 Energy needed for human life
  • 3.6  Available Energy Sources
  • 3.7 How to use your own Energy supply
  • 3.8  The SWITCH effect – when it occurs and what it means
  • 3.9 Full stomach, empty stomach, feeling hungry
  • 3.10  Charging the body’s energy battery – a special situation
  • 3.11  Effort during the hunger – your well-being and safety
  • 3.12 Physical and mental feast – a meal eaten during hunger
  • 3.13   Drawing from own Energy supply
  • 3.14  When it’s worth it and when it’s not worth it- wise use of the time of hunger- iron rules

4. Nutrition and Activity Plan- Participants will learn in detail about the principles of nutrition and activity. They will learn about the accompanying energy transformations in a basic scope. They learn how to use this knowledge to prepare their own Nutrition and Activity Plan. They learn and practice VIA SET. They learn and practice how to eat a meal properly. They prepare their own Plan.

  • 4.1 How to create, implement and modify your own Plan
  • 4.2 Your individuality
  • 4.3 How to perceive body fat
  • 4.4 Nutrition Plan – We learn to eat anew
  • 4.5 We get to know the 4 pillars and start collecting the information needed to create a Nutrition Plan
  • 4.6 Frequency
    • 4.6.1 Determining the number of meals per day
    • 4.6.2  Snacking between meals – what causes
  • 4.7 Quantity
    • 4.7.1 Amount of food and stomach size
    • 4.7.2  The size of the stomach and human dimensions
    • 4.7.3  Stomach stretched, stomach contracted, stomach size correct
    • 4.7.4  Determining the correct size of the stomach
    • 4.7.5  The right amount of food in the stomach
  • 4.8  Quality

    • 4.8.1  Why in the VIA Program we can eat whatever we want and like
    • 4.8.2  Why do people eat? – Important answers to the key question
    • 4.8.3  How to prepare our meal wisely – What is hidden in the term “Quality”
    • 4.8.4  Golden rules – what to use and what to avoid when composing a meal
  • 4.9 The Way The Food Is Eaten
    • 4.9.1  General tips on how to eat a meal
    • 4.9.2 Awareness of what we are doing
    • 4.9.3  Time, focus, reflection, satisfaction
    • 4.9.4  We satiate our senses: taste, sight, smell
    • 4.9.5 Golden rules when eating a meal
    • 4.9.6  Detailed rules for consuming different types of food and drink
    • 4.9.7  We will eat a meal together
    • 4.9.8  Behavior in special situations – very useful tips
    • 4.9.9  When to tell yourself “enough”
  • 4.10 Activity Plan – How to be healthier, stronger, and fitter on the way to achieving the Lightness Goal
    • 4.10.1 General Introduction to the Activities – how it Works and What to Expect
    • 4.10.2  We get to know the 2 Pillars of the Activity Plan – VIA SET, Physical and Mental Activities
    • 4.10.3  VIA SET – warm-up and 5 basic exercises for the whole body based on progressive calisthenics or working with muscle resistance
    • 4.10.4  Characteristics and key information about VIA SE
      •  A simple set of exercises
      • Ease of performing
      • All natural
      •  Functional nature of exercises
      •  Progression
    • 4.10.5  VIA SET basic tasks, impact on the body, and benefits obtained
    • 4.10.6  Preparing the body for everyday effort in a safe way
    • 4.10.7  Maintaining the body in good condition and increasing efficiency through exercise progression
      •  Building an early warning system
      •  Extending the fitness period of the body in our lives until old age
      • Building protection against diseases and problems of the body and the accompanying pain
    • 4.10.8 We will perform VIA SET together
  • 4.11  Physical and mental activity

    • 4.11.1  General information and key facts
    • 4.11.2  Mental activities
      • Slow and fast thinking
      • Energy consumption
      •  The use of mental activities on the way to the Lightness Goal
    • 4.11.3  Physical activities
      • General information
      •  Safety and health first – heart, joints, spine
      • Unlocking levels in the activity chain
    • 4.11.4 Use of the hybrid effect
    • 4.11.5  Useful with useful – skin care as a daily activity – massage, patting, cold water
  • 4.12 Energy relationships in our body

    • 4.12.1  Basic knowledge about energy transformations in our body is needed to create your own Nutrition and Activity Plan
    • 4.12.2 Types of energy – energy from food, energy from our reserves, energy from our activities, basic energy equation
    • 4.12.3  Counting calories in everyday life. The pros and cons of counting calories
    • 4.12.4  Why do we not count calories in the VIA Program?
  • 4.13  Activity Zone (AZ) – use of own energy reserves
    • 4.13.1 Before we enter AZ
    • 4.13.2  Entrering into AZ
    • 4.13.3  Rules and principles of functioning in AZ
  • 4.14  Nutrition and Activity Plan in Practice

    • 4.14.1  Summary Preparations for Preparing the Plan
    • 4.14.2  Plan proposals – phases of functioning in 24 hours- sleep, meal, digestion time, Activity Zone
    • 4.14.3  Easier option 3 meals a day
    • 4.14.4 A harder option 2 meals a day
  • 4.15  We create The Plan- golden rules and tips for creating the Plan

5. Monitoring the way to the goal and awareness of progress – In this step, Workshop participants learn how to use their own Nutrition and Activity Plan. How to modify it depending on progress and adapt it to everyday living conditions. They gain knowledge on how to keep and use documentation on the way to the Goal as a supporting and motivating factor in action.

  • 5.1 Implementation and modification of the Plan- examples
  • 5.2  Monitoring and progress – how to look at it and how to proceed
  • 5.3 You can do more and more
  • 5.4 Only that what is good
  • 5.5  Peace of mind
  • 5.6  Patience
  • 5.7  Recording the run of the journey
  • 5.8  Show yourself to yourself

6. Overcoming difficulties – In the next point, Workshop participants gain knowledge and skills on how to deal with obstacles on the way to the Goal. They practice building willpower and control in making decisions using the Golden 4 Method. They learn how to use the rescue procedure in overcoming difficulties encountered.

  • 6.1 How to understand obstacles on the road
  • 6.2  Task approach to difficulties
  • 6.3  Positive attitude – what results from the belief in our success?
  • 6.4  Application of the plan to overcome difficulties
  • 6.5  Satisfaction from effort – the inner power of our personality
  • 6.6  The Golden 4. We will practice the Golden 4 method together
  • 6.7  Rescue procedure – 5 lifebuoys to achieve the Lightness Goal

7. Achievement of the Goal-what next? At the last point of the Workshops, participants receive useful tips on how to take full advantage of the VIA Program – Healthy Strong Body. How to act to be strong, fit, healthy, and satisfied with your appearance. How to enjoy living such a long life full of passion and joy every day.