VIA Personal Programming: Workshops

The aim of the Workshops is to learn theory alongside practising Personal Programming as a tool supporting the achievement of selected Goals in the VIA- Healthy Strong Body Programme.

Workshops participants gain knowledge and skills to make lasting changes in their own personalities and everyday behaviour. The acquired knowledge and skills allow you to consciously manage your own life. Allow you to control your emotions in order to improve your well-being. It enables overcoming life’s difficulties, overcoming fear, uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and all undesirable behaviours. Enable the creation of new and better relationships with people and the environment. Allow you to consciously create new habits and introduce them into everyday life.

Thanks to the Workshops, participants have the opportunity to achieve selected life goals, including the Goals in the Via Programme, with much greater efficiency. The acquired knowledge and skills translate into improved health, fitness, better appearance, and well-being. They open up opportunities for the development of new passions and achieving more life successes.

THE SKILLS YOU GAIN: Conscious Living, Shaping Personality, Strong Will, Effectively Overcoming Difficulties, Achieving Goals, Emotional Control, Building Relationships, Improving Health

Who are the workshops for:

>>> Workshops are for people who want to achieve a selected Goal from the VIA – Healthy Strong Body Programme in a more conscious and effective way.

>>> Workshops are for everyone who wants to consciously shape their own personality in order to be exactly who they want to be in life. They want to make their own decisions instead of succumbing to outside influences, pressure, or manipulation.

>>> Workshops are for people who have problems in their relationships with loved ones or family. They have trouble in relationships with people from their life environment. They want to repair, sort out or re-create these relationships in a healthy, safe, and comfortable way.

>>> Workshops are for people who have a weak will. They cannot persevere in the pursuit of their goals and are unable to achieve positive life changes. They want to understand and learn how to overcome internal obstacles that prevent them from changing their lives for the better.

>>> Workshops are for people who have problems with addiction and have persistent negative behaviour. They want to learn how to build their personality anew and live consciously in a free and independent way.

>>> Workshops are for people whose lives are filled with fears, apprehension, and anxiety. For people who live under stress and worry about “everything”. They want to learn how to live happily. They want to enjoy freedom and realize themselves without fear.


  • You should need a good internet connection.
  • Online Workshops are conducted on the Zoom platform. Install Zoom on your computer or grant one-time access using the link sent in the email confirming participation in the Workshops.

The main subjects which will be realized:

1. Introduction to Personal Programming- Participants will get acquainted with the general assumptions of the Personal Programming concept.

  • 1.1. What is programming and how to understand the term “Program” in a personal context?
  • 1.2. Changes we can make in our functioning – in general.
  • 1.3. What can we change and what can we influence- detailed examples.
  • 1.4. What we are now – our today – our mental, brain, and physical programming.

2. Mind-Brain-Body Relationship- At this point, participants learn how our personality functions. They will learn the main components of personality and the basic interactions in this area.

  • 2.1. Presentation of the main characters
  • 2.2. Body – our physical manifestation (form, presence) in the material world).
  • 2.3. Brain – body management centre, processing sensory stimuli, making calculations, drawing conclusions, launching physical reactions.
  • 2.4. Mind – our personality, our consciousness, us.
  • 2.5. Fundamentals of interaction.

3. The Mind-Brain Relationship – At this point, participants delve into the relationship between Mind and Brain in more detail. They learn how to perceive each of them, and how it affects our everyday behaviour and who we really are as an individual.

  • 3.1. How it’s working.
  • 3.2. Two separate entities-take it easy or prepare to be shocked.
  • 3.3. Consciousness, subconsciousness, superconsciousness- how to understand it.
  • 3.4. Who you are vs who you really are vs who you want to be.
  • 3.5. Personal Programming – how do you feel now?

4. Our COMPANY- a detailed example of our person – In the next section, participants will learn about the Mind-Brain-Body relationship in a detailed example of the Company’s operation and make a diagnosis of themselves.

  • 4.1. Company image.
  • 4.2. internal policy.
  • 4.3. external policy.
  • 4.4. Boss and Director.
  • 4.5. An example of a well-managed Company.
  • 4.6. An example of a poorly managed Company.
  • 4.7. We check ourselves – Who rules in our Company?

5. How to treat our Brain – Participants learn in a basic way how the Programming process takes place and learn about the accompanying mechanisms.

  • 5.1. Friend, annoying colleague, worst enemy.
  • 5.2. The relationship between our Brain and our well-being.
  • 5.3. Director’s Archive.
  • 5.4. Powers of the Director.
  • 5.5. Boss at work.
  • 5.6. New regulations in the Company- changing habits, modifications, introducing new habits.
  • 5.7. Stubborn Director- Okay boss but.
  • 5.8. Supervision in the company and enforcement of orders.
  • 5.9. Illness in the Company- state of emergency.
  • 5.10. Vigilance, consistency, perseverance.

6. Personal Programming in Practice.

  • 6.1. Rules for making changes.
  • 6.2. Positive and Negative Programming.
  • 6.3. We practice Personal Programming together.

7. The use of Personal Programming in achieving selected VIA Goals.