VIA: Healthy Strong Body Programme

Learn how to gain health, strength, good look and well-being for life using a natural way of nutrition and exercises and the power of common work of the brain, body and mind.

THE SKILLS YOU GAIN: Healthy Lifestyle, Conscious Body Care, Quick Recognition of Illness, Avoiding Pain, Avoiding Body Problems, Extending Healthy Life, Conscious Living, Conscious Nutrition, Respect for Food, Enjoyment of Tasty Food, Conscious Body Look, Getting Strength, Strong Will, Better Management Own Life, Living Own Passions

The Workshops are focused on getting to know how to Befriend With Health.

  • How to avoid body problems, illnesses and pain in life.
  • How to be able to run a conscious life full of passion and happiness.
  • How to make this great life long-lasting, being strong, fit and happy with how we look like.

In other words, participants get to know The VIA -Healthy Strong Body Programme and learn how to use it in their lives gaining all benefits coming out of this way of life.

>>> Workshops are for people of all ages and their body condition. They are dedicated to all people who want to change their lifestyle to be more conscious and oriented on clear goals of living a healthy and happy life.

>>> Becoming a person Befriended With Health means that any problems of the body, possible illnesses and pain accompanying this will be
minimised to a very low level.  Civilization diseases, osteoporosis, postural defects, arthritis, etc. will not appear at all and the risk of cancer is significantly reduced.

>>> Using gained knowledge about the common work of the body, brain and mind, allows making necessary changes in every sphere of life of workshop participants.

>>> Getting continuously developed physical strength of a whole body lets run their lives easier and more effectively being concentrated on developing their passions in life. And also being more helpful to others.

>>> Workshops are for people who value a natural way of life. Both, the nutrition system and exercise system are completely based on the natural approach of daily living. Nutrition is based on conscious choosing ingredients to prepare tasty and healthy meals avoiding any artificial supplements. The exercise system is based on functional training using own body mass or muscle resistance by using items from surroundings.

>>>Workshops are for people who value the approach of ”save the planet”. Gaining knowledge of conscious nutrition allows one to use food more wisely, avoiding wastage and respecting any energy and human work required for production.

>>> Knowing the system of performing VIA SET allows for saving time and money as well as the planet by reducing the amount of exhaust, energy and avoiding buying unnecessary training equipment.

>>> To summarize, following the rules of the VIA – Programme makes the lives of Workshops participants enter an entirely new realm. This is a one-direction way leading to a conscious happy and long life full of excitement, adventure and fulfilment.


  • You should have a good internet connection
  • Online Workshops are provided on the Zoom platform. Install Zoom on your computer or give one-off access by using the link sent in an email confirming your partaking in Workshops
  • Theoretical parts of Workshops require sitting before a computer screen. Make sure you have a comfortable seat for yourself
  • It is best for you to create conditions for yourself to see me easily and be able to imitate my moves according to orders in every practical part of Workshops
  • If that is possible try to create conditions to be able easily and clearly show your whole person in the camera including your fully stretched hands
  • Workshops take a few hours. Make sure you have enough water or other drinks for yourself
  • Before the Workshops have your meal rather not too big to allow yourself to perform all exercises with comfort
  • Wear for Workshops comfortable sportswear or other clothes which allow you to perform easily physical exercises
  • Prepare sandwiches for a common meal to practice ”The Way The Food Is Eaten” and a piece of cake or other sweets like chocolate to practice the ”Golden 4 method”.

The main subjects which will be realised

1. How the VIA Programme works in general

  • 1.1 You will learn about the common work of the Body, Brain and Mind and their role in the Programme
  • 1.2 You will learn the basics of how our body is built and its abilities.

    • body cells regeneration and replacement
    • 11 body systems – how they work together and are stimulated.
    • correct work (healthy body) and incorrect (body problems and illnesses) – examples from life
  • 1.3 You will learn what we need to be healthy

    • Nutrition,
    • Correct movement
    • Resting
  • 1.4 You will learn about Goals and benefits in the Programme

    • Superior and general benefits
    • improving health, increasing fitness, strengthening the whole body and its functions
    • increased awareness of the sense of one’s own body, quick detection of problems
    • increasing self-control
    • Characteristics of achieving each goal in terms of necessary nutrition and physical exercises

2. The basic physical activity. VIA SET – warm-up  and 5 main basic exercises for the whole body

  • 2.1 You will learn about The whole VIA SET.  Every part of the warm-up and each exercise will be  explained

    • Warm-up – role and rules
    • General principles of exercise – correct posture, breathing, stop up, stop down
    • Abdominal work, spine safety, joints
    • How to perform each of the 5 exercise exercises
    • Progression
    • VIA SET Anytime Anywhere, VIA Running, VIA Walking
  • 2.2 Additional physical activities, work, passions
  • 2.3 We will be practising the whole VIA SET together

3. Nutrition.

  • 3.1 You will learn about how to eat what you like, what you want and what you need in your life.
  • 3.2 You will learn why you can eat everything without counting calories
  • 3.3 You will learn why we eat and what are the main purposes of eating
  • 3.4 You will learn how to set up and use the 4 main pillars of nutrition in your daily life

    • 3.4.1Quantity – the amount of meal vs stomach size
    • 3.4.2 Quality – we build our bodies and satiate our senses

      • What we eat, what we like, what we should eat, what we shouldn’t eat, what harms us, the scale of benefits – taste and desire versus health and well-being
    • 3.4.3 Frequency – hunger and eating, snacking, conscious eating, goal-setting
    • 3.4.4 The Way the Food is Eaten – Before the food reaches the mouth, savouring the meal, appearance, and smell. When food reaches the mouth, preparation, chewing, tasting
  • 3.5 You will learn and practice the Golden 4 Methode
  • 3.6 We will be practising together The Way the Food is Eaten having a common meal

4. Achieving the goal. You will learn how to set your VIA Goal and achieve it.

  • 4.1Choosing Your Goal or Goals
  • 4.2 The Modified Little Steps Methode
  • 4.3 Motivation
  • 4.4 Moments of weakness
  • 4.5 Overcoming difficulties
  • 4.6 Routine
  • 4.7 Imagination
  • 4.8 Strong will
  • 4.9 Stability in pursuit of the goal
  • 4.10 Using the GTG (a guidebook to goal)
  • 4.11 Programming
  • 4.12 Support: Instagram, YouTube, Downloaded Materials