Your progressive mental and physical training brings you to the point when you can use your abilities according to conditions you have found.

The technical and tactical training delivers ”necessary software to the hardware which your body is”

Action – reaction.

DSJ – Dzievan Street Jitsu – is a complete and consistent martial arts system for use in defending yourself or those at risk of attack. The art is based on selected and most effective Ju-Jitsu techniques combined in combinations based on the principle of “started – finished”.

Practicing Makhai you learn and master step by step only tried and tested techniques adjusted to the street conditions [ANYTIME, ANYTHING, ANYWHERE]. Thanks to this system your ability to win any fight increases rapidly. You learn how to consider danger through the prism of distance, space and move.

By practicing known from ages tactical approach to fight based on camouflage, surprise and dexterity –[VICTORY EVERYTIME SYSTEM]- you learn how to defeat any opponent within a few seconds. Your reaction becomes extremely fast, precise and effective. You don’t need to consider it, you just react to situation and you win.