The MAKHAI mental development gives you the keys to rule your life like never before.

Most people think that looking like a big guy gives the power to succeed any fight. They relate it to big muscles and likely strength which is coming from them. Nothing more wrong.

All fights are won through the power of mind.

The body and its power are only a tools which may be used by powerful mind.

By mental training you learn how to control your brain and use it according to your needs.

This is a key thing in any possible clash in the realm of self-defence.

Whether it’s a possible fight or everyday life a progressive mental training improves your functionality opening brand new horizons.

You gain abilities to stay calm when people around you rush in panic.

You learn how to step by step keep control over your emotions and reduce the feeling of the fear. Thanks to this you will be able to reach for what you need to manage your life choices wisely and no hesitation.

You will gain the abilities to be focus on chosen task and persistently head to the point until you reached it.