Makhai’s physical development takes you into unknown realm of what the body is capable of doing. This is a higher level of self awareness in feeling your own body and its properties.

First you learn your body anew. Little by little you wake up its every single parts to be able to use it in desired way.

By every single training you become stronger and stronger. You learn own body how to generate the biggest power you can use in synergy effect. It’s no longer a separate head, hand, finger or leg. Your entire body becomes  a smooth running mechanism which is considered as a bio-machine where each parts work and support each other creating the whole.

Basing on this you push ahead with your physical development increasing strength, stamina. You get to know how to manage the inner energy to always stay safe. In a real fight with no mercy rules, controlling an energy level plays key thing. If you are too weak to defend yourself then you are lost. Therefore you need to know when you have reached the critical level of energy to safely disappear from place of danger. You can fight or you can run away but you need to be aware what you are capable of exactly in the point of place and time where you are.