It is simply mix of  RUNNING and VIA – SET.

And now briefly about benefits an advantages


By running:

– you improve your stamina

– you  strengthen the cardiovascular system

– you speed up a blood circulation

– you fill up your body with oxygen

– you calm down and  relax yourself

– you can clear your mind

By performing VIA – SET you take a proper care about all your joints, all muscles. Every part of your body. Every system inside. You build healthy and strong body.


– You can do it everywhere you want, finding the best way for you

on country road

in the woods

in the city

in the park

on the beach

on the coast

Everywhere you live or you want to go for your VIA- RUNNING

You just go outside enjoying the nature and a fresh air

– the all necessary equipment is your towel for your convenience

– for performing exercises you use the items from surrounding

You decide when and where you want to practice, no additional costs, no special hardware


VIA RUNNING begins from a worm up of entire body, it takes about 5 minutes.

Then we start running doing from time to time stops for performing chosen exercises.

We do the stops for exercises when we need a break or when we find desired place to perform our VIA – SET.

All of this is very easy and simple. The level of running and exercises is adjusted to your own possibilities.

You can do VIA RUNNING on your own if you know your level and you know how to perform VIA – SET

You can find out the best way for you joining one of our group

According to your needs you can choose from our offer your desired type: family, basic or advanced

And the final advice:

Always keep the three main rules of proper performing exercises

Proper posture

Proper breathing

Stop up stop down